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Multiple Comprehensive Health Benefits

By learning and practicing DHLS you will be able to know the way your body communicates its needs to you through symptoms, help you regain its self-healing power and obtain multiple comprehensive health benefits.

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With our symptoms' form you can receive in your mail inbox the summary of your symptoms which are signals that your body sends you asking for attention. We teach you how to understand and attend to these signals.

What is DHLS?
DHLS stands for Daily/Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle and was discovered, researched and developed by Dr. Omar Moreno ND (meet Dr Moreno and his work) with the support of a group of professionals in the health sciences.
DHLS is an educational information program taught globally by a team of health sciences professionals via Body Sygnals Online (BSO) website that will help you to:
  • Know your body through the symptoms that it presents to you, which are signals that it sends to you asking for help.
  • Learn and practice a Daily/Detoxifying Healthy LifeStyle (DHLS) that will help you regain the self-healing & self-protecting power of your body against premature diseases, pandemics and possible harmful effects of medications & vaccines.
  • Control, diminish or revert discomforts that affect you on a recurring basis. See an example of an excellent result while practicing DHLS for 60 days, click here.
  • know information that will assist you to take better health decisions for you and your family.
Dr. Moreno offers online DHLS Natural Medicine consulting in more than 10 countries including the USA for people without exception who want to regain control of their individual and family health and happiness.

Achieving all of the above is possible with DHLS basic, intermediate (level 1), and superior levels (level 2). You just have to fill out the Recurring Disorder’s Symptom Form (ARSF), subscribe to each DHLS level training program, practice it with our support, and enjoy the recovery of your life control.

*conditions may change without prior notice. All offers are for a limited time.

DHLS teaches information of an educational nature to help you make better health decisions; however, it is not a substitute for your allopathic doctor, pharmaceutical medicine/drug or any other therapies suggested by your health professionals. DHLS is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What our students say...

People who have learned DHLS are happy to share their experiences.
R. Weiner

R. Weiner

Health Enthusiast

"I experienced many discomforts during 6 long years leaving my body weak and with ailments of all kinds. Extreme dryness in eyes and skin; abnormalities of the circulatory system; gases, acidity and constipation; hair loss, weak nails, altered body temperature regulation, fibroids, polyps, recurrent pain and more ...
My sister put me in contact with Dr. Moreno; the best decision I have made in health matters. Dr. Moreno is a Naturopath who makes an integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.
Within a week of using DHLS techniques offered by Dr. Moreno, I noticed a change in my entire state; most of my symptoms had improved. After 3 months, almost everyone had disappeared, and my emotional state balanced.
I Stopped carrying the weight of everyone around me. Today I consider Dr. Moreno as one of the best, since his attention is completely individualized and dedicated."

S. Jones y J. Armstrong

S. Jones y J. Armstrong


"We filled out the RDSF Symptoms Form and realized that we needed help. We each had more than 25 symptoms and we were worried because it affected our family and work life.
We found DHLS; we have practiced it for more than 6 months and we are happy with the excellent results we have had. It is the best investment for a couple who wants to have a healthy family.
Thanks to the BSO-DHLS team."

E. McDowell

E. McDowell


"My name is E. Mc Dowell and I am 64 years old. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so two months ago I started my treatments to prevent kidney failure with Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS).
My blood pressure and cholesterol have been normalized and thanks to DHLS I feel a big difference in my daily activities. I definitely recommend DHLS to improve your quality of life.
I thank the Supreme Maker, Dr. Moreno and all the people who have supported me to achieve my progress."

R. Coronado

R. Coronado


I am very happy to be able to share with all of you my anecdote about my health. When I was10 years old, in the middle of childhood where we feel free and want to do everything with our friends, my mother began to notice certain physical changes and repetitive behaviors, such as going to the bathroom very often and swelling in the body; This alarmed her, which made her turn to the doctor. At that time there was no diagnosis in itself, for which they performed various types of analyzes and transferred me to the Children's Hospital where they diagnosed me with Nephrotic Syndrome; Then they transferred me to the Pediatric Specialties Hospital, where I began treatment but it did not give the expected results, so I was going to undergo hemodialysis. This situation was devastating for my parents; having to make the decision to sign those papers were in doubt because a co-worker of my father had told him about Dr. Omar Moreno and the anecdotes of people who had been able to cope with certain diseases. It is as well as on May 19, 2006, they decide to have the first appointment with Dr. Omar Moreno, this appointment changed my life, it gave me hope that I no longer had, it gave me confidence and security in myself even as a child of wanting to fight and keep going. I began his treatment with DHLS for several years and little by little I began to have a healthier and more confident life. Today, thank God, Dr. Omar Moreno's DHLS, and myself for trusting and letting me be guided, I am 25 years old now, I am a mother and I have a healthy family life. I truly confess that all of us in a severe illness situation feel vulnerable, but we must never lose faith; God will always guide us and put us in our paths to people who give us their hand and help us I am very grateful to Dr. Omar for his attention and especially for his advice more than a doctor has become a friend