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Arthritis is a common health problem in the global population causing pain and inflammation in a joint. It affects more than 350 million people and is a leading cause of disability. In fact, among chronic diseases in North America, for example, arthritis causes more disability than any other condition, including heart disease, diabetes, and back or spine problems.
Arthritis is present in low to high-income countries and may worsen economic condition by impacting the ability to work and fulfill community roles. These findings have implications for global efforts to prioritize arthritis prevention and management, and improve healthcare access worldwide. Findings of a new study showed that there were more than 300 million cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis worldwide in 2017, predominantly in high income countries.

Fortunately, Daily/Detoxifying Healthy Lifestyle (DHLS) is a comprehensive lifestyle program that, properly practiced, may help most affected persons to recover from this condition.

At DHLS Naturopathic Medicine (Natural Complementary Medicine) we have helped hundreds of people to recover and learn to combat this condition effectively, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.
DHLS eBooks will help you improve your health substantially, however it is not a substitute for consulting your General Practitioner (GP), your medications or other therapies. If you have a health emergency visit your nearest GP.

The causes of arthritis are diverse and among them stands out the accumulation of uric acid within the cells (Annulus Rheumaticus), —not necessarily in the blood— which are formed when there is too much uric acid in the blood and the body for various reasons, cannot excrete it, for which the human body balances itself by accumulating said acid within cells until it exceeds its tolerance range and creates the Annulus Rheumaticus (AR). AR are an underlying cause of other conditions such as psoriasis or lupus that can lead to other types of arthritis.

The most common signs and symptoms of arthritis affect the joints, and symptoms can include: Decreased range of motion, pain, redness, stiffness, and swelling. Risk factors include: family history, diet, age, gender (women are more likely than men to develop arthritis, while men develop gout), previous joint injuries from accidents or some sports, obesity ( being overweight puts pressure on the joints, especially the knees, hips, and spine), certain autoimmune diseases or viral infections.

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Despite the fact that in scientific circles it is said that this disease has no cure, at DHLS we think otherwise. Treatments vary depending on the type of arthritis and the individual’s condition. DHLS offers an excellent solution as general support to conventional allopathic medicine (western medicine that uses pharmaceutical drugs for treatment) treatment. Anyone affected by arthritis who properly uses the DHLS protocols against this disease for at least three months, depending on the case, will see significant improvements and even complete remission of the arthritis.

The index of DHLS ebook to beat Arthritis includes:

  • What is DHLS base on human pentalogy and Annulus Rheumaticus
  • Oxygenation and Ventilation tips (it will help you correct allergies, dizziness, polycystic ovaries and more),
  • Regulated real hydration (it will help you correct circulatory problems, dry skin, visual discomfort, memory problems and more),
  • Psycho-Somatic Control Techniques (they will help you correct problems of stress, anger, sadness, depression, reluctance, resentments, fatigue, insomnia and more),
  • Colored Foods List with foods to eat and to avoid to beat arthritis,
  • Level 1 – Detoxifying Metabolic Menu for 7 days (it will help you correct problems with organs and body systems, control your AR (1), improve your quality of life, protect against premature diseases, pandemics and possible adverse effects of medications and vaccines),
  • Dietary supplements and suggestions to support you in the process of relieving the symptoms and recovering the self-healing and self-protective power of your body,
  • Additional tips to take care of your integral health for the years of life that God allows you Information to lean counting and controlling you symptoms with the AR Symptoms’ Form and the way to consult with Dr. Moreno via the 10-minute Live Chat Support.

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