CESAR stands for Consultation for Etiology of Symptoms of Annulus Rheumaticus.

The CESAR service is part of the DHLS learning program that helps you to know which metabolisms, organs and systems require your timely attention and the level of risk of possible sudden onset of chronic degenerative conditions.

There are no previous requirements to use the CESAR service. Just fill out the RDSF / ARSF (Annulus Rheumaticus Symptoms Form) and in the last question about “What Service Do you want to use” select CESAR and send it. Dr. Moreno will contact you to give you additional information. Access the AR Symptom Form here.

Calculate how much time and money do you spend every month on medical consultations, medicines and therapies? DHLS program can help you reduce those expenses or prevent them. Simply put, DHLS helps you heal and save money. Don’t put it off and learn DHLS now. Just visit the descriptive table of DHLS levels and start with the level of your preference.


Learning DHLS is very easy and affordable. It only takes two short steps to get started:

  1. Take the pictures of your irises with you smartphone following these instructions,
  2. Fill out and submit the ARSF and wait for Dr. Moreno’s to contact you.

If you just want more information, contact Dr. Omar Moreno by text message in English or Spanish via WhatsApp or Telegram at +507 6841-2312

We look forward to helping you achieve the success that this new moment in human history requires as of January 2020 and in which the “DHLS PROGRAM” can assist you. Protecting your health and that of your family is your best investment from now on.

The DHLS team